Yes, Australian schools do pay to use free online content

Less than twenty four hours after the release of our micro-site in early June, #copywrong had its first complaint! Copyright Agency Limited (CAL), who manage the collection of copyright fees from Australian schools under the statutory licence for education, not surprisingly took issue with some of the education examples included on #copywrong.

Safe harbour Reform: Land ho?

Amongst all the pirate talk and seafaring puns swashbuckling around the blog and twitter sphere in the past few days, a different piracy discussion remains on deck with the Attorney-General’s department releasing the submissions to the safe harbour review online last week. The consultation paper for the review came out almost a year ago, in October 2011, with submissions being due by November 2011.

ALRC issues paper: Indigenous IP and copyright exceptions

Last week the Australian Law Reform Commission released their much-anticipated Issues Paper for the Inquiry into Copyright and the Digital Economy. The Paper, the first formal publication of the 18 month Inquiry, poses 55 questions for anyone and everyone using, creating, accessing (or trying to access) copyright content in the online age.

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