17 Feb 2020 | Submissions

WIPO Consultation on the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on IP Policy

The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) is consulting on issues concerning the impact of artificial intelligence (Al) on intellectual property policy as the basis of future discussions.

The ADA has provided comments on a draft issues paper developed by WIPO on the impact of artificial intelligence (Al) on intellectual property

WIPO has initially sought comment only on the structure and issues raised in the draft paper – a final paper will be released for substantive responses at a later stage.

The ADA has urged WIPO to:

  • more explicitly acknowledge and seek feedback on the consequences of AI IP policy on access to knowledge, free flow of information, and the rights of human users and creators;
  • more clearly define terms such as data and machine learning;
  • more clearly acknowledge and explore the role of the threshold of protection in governing the legality of
    data use; and
  • seek input on considerations of practicality in relation to licensing of data for uses such as machine learning.



Our submission [PDF, 246 KB]