Promoting the public interest in copyright

We are Australia's peak body representing copyright users and innovators


The internet has profoundly changed the way we access, share and create content.

It enables widespread access to knowledge, lowers barriers for creators, opens up opportunities for community participation, and fosters digital innovation. This challenges our copyright framework and the decisions it makes in regulating the creation, distribution and use of information.

The Australian Digital Alliance is the peak body promoting copyright law for Australia that is balanced and flexible, respects the rights of both creators and users, and encourages access to knowledge, culture, education and innovation in the public interest.

We Believe

Copyright should strike a balance between the interests of the creator and the public interest in access to knowledge, culture and education.

Balanced copyright laws encourage community participation and facilitate economic and cultural growth.

We Support

Flexible copyright exceptions that enable innovation and equitable access to information.  

Fair and proportionate incentives for creators.  

Fair and proportionate liability for copyright infringement.

Transparent and consultative lawmaking, including in international IP negotiations.

We Oppose

Copyright laws that distort the balance between the interests of rights holders and the broader public interest.

The use of technological or contractual measures to unfairly restrict access to content.