Welcome to the new ADA website

To recognise and celebrate the ADA’s 20th anniversary we launched a new website and brand.

This evening we are hosting a dinner in Canberra to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the ADA. To mark the occasion we are thrilled to launch our new website today. We wanted a site that was simpler to navigate with a clean design. We hope you agree that what we have ended up with is a marked improvement on the previous website.

In tandem with the new website we also launch today our new brand:

The logo of the Australian Digital Alliance. It features a green icon of a triangle with the tip pointing up and no bottom line. Inside the triangle is a symbol similar to the standard icon for wi-fi. Next to the icon is the words Australian Digital Alliance in black text.

The new brand introduces a new icon as well as a bold, more visible namemark. The brand also drops the previous burnt orange in favour of a grass green which we feel supports the new website design. The new brand intentionally invokes growth, movement, the digital present and a call to action for the future.

We are proud to also say that the fonts included in the branding are both open licensed fonts: the headings are Hind by Indian Type Foundry and the main body font is Nunito by Vernon Adams. Both fonts are licensed for reuse under the terms of a SIL Open Font Licence.