Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA)

The ADA has made submissions in response to applications to the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) by Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) seeking authorisation to continue its arrangements for the acquisition and licensing of performing rights (which consist of the rights to perform in public and to communicate to the public) in music works.

Two areas of particular concern for the ADA are:

  1. The need for greater transparency and accountability of collecting societies in Australia, including APRA
  2. The inability of Australian musicians to direct licence their musical works.

This page provides an overview of the issue and provides links to relevant information, including our submissions and other advoacy on this copyright topic.

2024 re-authorisation application

The most recent re-authorisation application was lodges on 6 February 2024 (application for revocation of authorisation AA1000433 and substitution of a new authorisation AA1000661).