The Australian Digital Alliance drafts policy submissions to government, engages in legal cases concerning copyright and prepares publications on new developments in copyright law and policy.

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Copyright law and policy submissions to government consultations

  • 07 April 2016

    The ADA and the ALCC strongly support the policy reforms proposed by the Copyright Amendment (Disability Access and Other Measures) Bill. We feel these are important changes that provide significant benefits for Australian consumers and businesses. They will particularly benefit the cultural, educational, disability and technology sectors.

  • 04 January 2016

    This submission aims to contribute to the PC's consideration of issues relating Australia’s copyright system, to ensure that it provides appropriate incentives for innovation, investment and the production of creative works and does not unreasonably impede further innovation, competition and access to goods and services.

  • 13 March 2015

    Copyright is traditionally a civil matter. However, the scope of the property rights, protections and limitations are creatures of statute. The ADA and ALCC submit that the Act currently inappropriately inhibits free speech, shifts the burden of proof in one criminal (and a number of civil) offence(s) and contains unjustified offences of strict liability. We propose:

    ●      Removal of some of the existing copyright exceptions (as previously identified by the ALRC), to be replaced with a fair use exception to copyright infringement

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