Call for Independent Expert Directors to join ADA Board

The Board of the Australian Digital Alliance is pleased to call for nominations from our Members for two positions of Independent Expert Director.

About the Board

The ADA provides a voice for the public interest in access to knowledge, information and culture in copyright reform debates. We are a broad nonprofit coalition of public and private sector groups formed to provide an effective voice for a public interest perspective in copyright policy. The ADA Board includes up to two Independent Expert Directors and it is the intention of the organisation to fill one or both of these positions.

The ADA’s Board of Directors are charged with managing the business of the organisation and primarily provide strategic and specialist expertise and are assisted by the Executive Officer. The Independent Expert members of the Board have traditionally provided particularly strong support to framing its policy positions, and have contributed their legal expertise to its submissions.

The ADA Board meets 3-4 times a year by videoconference, with one face-to-face meeting at the time of the AGM in March-April (pending COVID restrictions). In addition to meetings, all Board Directors are included on a Board mailing list, and can expect to receive several emails a week which may request responses. Directors may on occasion be asked directly for input in their area of expertise, or be invited to serve on a subcommittee relating to activities such as nominations or submission drafting. They may also on occasion be invited to represent the organisation at events or meetings; however, these attendances will always be purely voluntary.

For more information on the roles and responsibilities of the ADA’s Board of Directors please download this information sheet.

How to nominate

Members may nominate themselves or another person. Nominators must be current fee-paying members of the ADA (nominees are not required to be existing members). 

Anyone wishing to express their interest in nominating for the ADA board is asked to return a CV and short cover letter outlining their interest and experience in copyright and the work carried out by the ADA. Expressions of interest must be received by COB Friday 13 August 2021. The ADA board will consider all expressions of interest and invite the successful applicant(s) to nominate as a Director at the ADA’s next board meeting on a date to be confirmed. 

Please send expressions of interest (CV and short cover letter) to info@digital.org.au by COB 13 August 2021 or contact Ben Rice (ben@digital.org.au) for more information.