AI: where’s the source? – ALIA webinar

A webinar hosted by the Australian Library and Information Association looking at input data in AI systems.

Our Copyright Officer, Elliott Bledsoe, joins Ingrid Mason and Alisa Howlett in a webinar looking at AI input data from three different perspectives.

The webinar is free for ADA members. Email training@alia.org.au to register.

Several key concerns regarding AI have emerged over the last few months – often focusing on the nature of the data (or source) that AIs draw from or are fed. Where does the data come from? Who owns it? How can we use it? How can we create, collect, curate and utilise data sources to leverage the potential of AI?

In our work in the GLAMR sector understanding sources can be approached and understood from several perspectives. In this webinar we look at three library or archive perspectives: data, intellectual property (copyright), and evidence; and we examine how rapidly developing AI technology is impacting the ways we approach these concepts and associated practices.